E.I.S. management and outsoucring of archivess

. E.I.S. is devoted to the managing and outsourcing of companies archives and private or public institutions in all sectors.
Since 1996, E.I.S. helps companies and institutions by proposing and implementing solutions to classify and conserve digital data. It’s founder, Annick Villers, is active in the field of archiving since 1978, allowing it to provide its clients over 30 years of archives management experience.

Your satisfaction is our

E.I.S. is experiencing growth and expansion always in forefront of the latest technologies to fit all your needs. Beyond a storage service, E.I.S. sensitizes you to your archiving issues, invests and is involved to go beyond mere optimization space service.
The future is now in the hands of the new generation. We have to heart to perpetuate the spirit of E.I.S.

The roles are distributed to ensure the expansion of E.I.S., Always with the desire to keep family vision characteristic of the company where the human and the council have a central place.

E.I.S., a family team that listens


Family company, E.I.S. provides personalized service, consistent with the archival objectives, the constraints of the sector in a purpose of duration.

Since 1978, Annick Villers witnessed the significant development of the technologies and storage media. Becked by her knowledge and motivated by listening and counseling values, she founded E.I.S. in 1996. Since then, the company is characterized above all for its human dimension, becoming more than just archiving and storage provider.

Annick Villers, combine her passion and her mother’s role in transmitting values to her children. E.I.S. becomes a full member of the family.


Driven by the desire to find the most suitable and sustainable solution, the team E.I.S. built lasting relationships based on trust with its customers. Our staff responds to all requests, fits all new products, all media changes and shrinks from no difficulty, developing new applications and new methods every day. This flexibility exists within the company in order to build your achiving project.

A professional archiving project ?
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