Processing your paper documents in an optimum digitization of your archives.

Need to scan your files and documents ? Refer to a great company with a strong experience in digitization.
The question of scanning and grading documents is a complex task, which is why E.I.S.’s consultants team in archiving assist you, throughout your project, to bring you an intelligent scanning solution adapted to all document types.   To ensure you an optimal digitization of your documents, E.I.S. has a scanning methodology for full support unfailing your archives. Preparation is key to identify all aspects of your project.

Methodology of scanning services: scanning documents

Upstream of the project, E.I.S. analyzes your needs and provides the most suitable archiving solutions to your specific field of activity. This is the key step to bring out which elements to keep and save you time.
Through this preparation phase, E.I.S. guarantees the best quality of your scanned documents for an optimal readability of your archives. Preparation can be done internally or externally

  • Cleaning documents : staples, tape and other material are removed / replaced if necessary on all documents. Photocopy of damaged documents.
  • Sorting files : duplicates of your files are removed to facilitate future searches within your archives and prevent unnecessary scans.
  • Sorting documents : according to your wishes and needs we sort the documents in order to prepare them to be scanned.

While scanning, E.I.S. ensure the quality of the scanned image. A work on the image is done when scanning the document to remove blank pages, crop documents or clean black borders.
. A number is assigned to your files to identify them easily and allow their classification in your achive software.

Advantages of scanning with E.I.S.

This methodology allows to highlight the relevance of the document. It also advise you on what you need to keep or not and generate a favorable financial dimension to your project.
E.I.S. verifies that all documents are present and puts order into the archives during preparation. The experience of E.I.S. on the market helps us to anticipate the most difficult situations, and keeps you aware on the complexity of archiving

E.I.S. places at your disposal hardware for your archiving project.

Based on your wishes, we deliver your archives on a server or on the desired media.
There is also the option to keep your data on our servers for back up. The physical documents are kept until we receive your finalization agreement.

Contact our team to start a project of digitization of your archives.


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