E.I.S. microfilm : reliability of long-term archiving.

Choose security for your archives. The E.I.S. microfilm service offers a reliable and stable archiving solution on analogue media to ensure the sustainability of your information.
All documents are not archivable in the same way and the issue of lifespan of your archives should arise depending on the type of information you want to keep. E.I.S. guide you towards the archiving solution in adequacy with your filing needs and the type of document to conserve.

Why microfilm ?

The E.I.S. backup on microfilm solution allows to freeze your information on an analog medium. Because of technological evolution, your digital data can be made to disappear. The microfilm solution allows you to avoid the loss of data. E .I.S. also propose microfilm copies to multiply backups.

Advantages of microfilm 

  • Sustainability / Integrity / Evidential
  • Reliability
  • Gain of storage space
  • Archive traceability
  • Archives independence to technological developments

Contact us to learn more about archiving on microfilm.


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